English I EOC Parent Communication

From Mrs. Kristina Pospick:

On Tuesday, March 28th, students will be taking their English I EOC. The test is five hours long and due to the necessity of a secure and effective testing environment, we ask the following of parents and guardians:

  1. Please try to avoid scheduling doctor’s appointments for your child on this day to allow students the full time frame to test.
  2. Students are required to either bring a sack lunch that day or order one from the cafeteria to be delivered to their testing room. Therefore, please do not deliver lunches for your child that day, we will not be delivering lunches from parents to the testing rooms.
  3. If students are ill that day, they will take their test on the designated make-up days (Wednesday-Friday) of that week. Please encourage your student to attend, unless they are ill.
  4. Please encourage your child to get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast that morning. Overall, tell your students to relax and do their best.

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