Guest Post from Student Council

Principal’s Note:  This is already a high achieving school with dedicated teachers and driven students.  With this school culture, there is also an immense sense of pressure on our teenagers.  It is very common to hear our students talk about handling the pressure to make high grades, worrying about meeting the expectations of the adults in their lives, and figuring out a way to achieve balance in their lives.  Those issues easily transfer into our adult lives.

Our student council asked to write the following guest blog post for our community.  While proud of their pro-active approach, it gives pause to think about how each decade brings higher expectations, more pressure, and a busier life to high school students.  As a dad, this perspective wants me to keep a high expectation for my own children, while being more affirming, more encouraging, and reminding them that as long as you did your best, I am proud of you.

Thank you, LTHS STUCO, for the guest post below.

As this first semester comes to an end, increasing pressure has been placed on our students to achieve. For this reason, many opportunities have been created on our campus to relieve students’ stress such as clubs and various activities for Trailblazers to participate in. Below you will find a list and description of all of the options to relieve your stress.

New Semester, New start-

Congratulations on making it through ⅛ of high school! No matter how your first semester went, the next few months are a fresh start. This is your chance to keep up the grades you were proud of, and raise the ones that weren’t so great. Set a goal for yourself and try harder to reach that grade that you were striving for last semester!

SOS – Stomp Out Stress

Audrey Burch, a student here at Lebanon Trail, has started a brand new club focused on “identifying, eliminating, and reducing stress, and then coping with what is left over. They aim to establish an interactive club that shows people that they are not alone. Meetings are held every other Tuesday during activity period in the lecture hall. Anybody and everybody is able to attend a meeting. Meetings are not mandatory; come when you feel you need to…you shouldn’t be stressed out about SOS Club. The next meeting is January 31st. Bring a friend and go stomp out stress!”

Positivity Notes-

Look out for sticky notes with encouraging messages to help you get through the day. Messages like “You matter”, “Hang on, it’s almost Friday”, and “It will get better” are posted in the halls, bathrooms, and above water fountains. We hope that these quotes will brighten your day, even if it’s only for a second. Help us spread positivity around Lebanon Trail!

Fit Bike-

Try out the new Fit Bike in the library! Studies have shown that working out increases blood flow to the brain and releases endorphins, which make you happy! Not only can the Fit Bike help with exercise, it might even boost your grades! Even if it doesn’t, trying new things always relieves stress. You literally can’t go wrong with using the Fit Bike.


In February, the Spirit Shop will be selling roses for the spirit of Valentine’s Day. You can buy the roses and give them to anyone you want. Not only are these roses very cheap, but it is also a great way to acknowledge those that you care for. Remember, the Spirit Shop is open before school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

Blaze Praise-

Starting in a few weeks, teachers will be writing Blaze Praise cards rewarding students for improvements in grades, attendance, or demonstrating characteristics that exemplify those of a true Trailblazer. Students will receive a raffle ticket and card  congratulating your achievements. Blaze Praise cards were created to recognize all achievements, no matter how big or small. Just work hard and do your best.

And lastly…

Countdown to Spring Break-

This year’s break is from March 5 to March 10. During the break, you can relax and catch up with your friends and family. Spring Break is also a great time to try something new to take your mind off of school a little. Just hang in there for another month, and spring break will be here!

Remember, while high school success plays a role in determining your future, no grade or rank is worth beating yourself up over. Take a deep breath and try one of the ideas above! You might find them helpful.

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