Social Media PTSA Presentation Nov. 17

Please join our Parent-Teacher-Student Association for this special presentation in our lecture hall on November 17th at 7:15PM.

Television, iPods, iPads, laptops tablets and smart-phones…Today’s kids are exposed to an average of seven hours of “screen-time” each and every day, and the impact of those media messages can shape many of their perceptions and actions.  Media Madness provides parents and caregivers the tools to successfully manage their children’s “screen time”, effectively monitor media messages and content, and realistically modify your approach as children grow and technology advances.  This program expands on the following issues:

  • Scale of information and vast number of people that can access it.
  • Dangers of social media anonymity and protecting personal privacy
  • Current sexting phenomenon
  • Negative health effects and body image influence
  • Interactive addiction
  • Strategies for beneficial media use
  • Awareness of marketing and media as big business- perception is reality!

This program is appropriate for educators, parents and high school age children!

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