Student Mindsets for Success

Each month, our counselor Jackie Smith helps bring in a speaker to visit with parents on relevant topics.  This month, our speaker was Beth Hemby who spoke on how to help students manage stress.

When we visit with students, some mention feeling overwhelmed by high school.  It’s not necessarily just the work, but it’s figuring out how to manage a busier pace and more things to do.  The best help parents can give students is to help coach them on how to manage their time, use a calendar, see the big picture, and focus on priorities.  These needs are normal for freshmen year and students are capable of achieving their goals if they focus on a few simple changes to routine and organization.

A few additional questions for parents to consider at home with their students:

  1. Does my student take the initiative to contact a teacher when they feel confused or need help with their grades?
  2. Does my student use a calendar (paper or electronic) to help manage their assignments, due dates, and schedule?
  3. Has my student take advantage of tutorials prior to a test to make sure they are studying the right concepts in the right way?

Here is the full presentation from Ms. Hemby:  chs-stepping-stones-to-success-2


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