Forward to November

This year is flying by.

LTHS hosted a student leadership conference for student councils across the area. We look forward to seeing the great ideas that come out of that experience.



Volleyball ended a strong inaugural season on Tuesday. The sky is the limit for this team.

The football season ended with a dominating performance over McKinney North, which also meant the end of marching season for our fine arts students.


Very proud of the level of learning and achievement taking place at LTHS this time of year.





Community service continues through our student organizations…



Freshmen Cross Country runners Kristen Fish and Sophie Knautz competed in the Region meet, with both finishing in the top 25% of runners (Freshmen through Seniors) for 4A. Sophie will continue on to the state competition in Round Rock.


Lastly, a great pic of our freshmen marching band. In four years, these students from the Class of 2020 will look back on that picture and won’t believe how much they changed and grew.

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