Staying on Top of High School

The first six weeks of high school is arguably one of the toughest academic stretches for a student.  You can anticipate the 4th six weeks of Freshmen Year along with parts of Junior year feeling the same way.  During 9th grade, student suddenly have more extra-curricular events, social events, and challenging coursework in a
new environment.  Some students that never had to study in middle school suddenly realize they can’t show up to a test “cold.”

Here are a few lessons learned shared by students as they reflect on the first six weeks:

  • blogpic-002Use a planner.  One of the easiest things students (and involved parents) can do is use a planner to organize the week.  This can be as simple as the calendar on a smart phone or a planner available at an office supply store.  Student Quote:  “When I review the calendar, upcoming assignments, and deadlines, it helps to put things in perspective and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.”
  • Learn to take good notes.  Several teachers at LTHS use a style of note-taking called “Cornell Notes.”  The most important thing about taking notes is to write them in a manner that makes sense to the writer.  Copying words verbatim from the textbook doesn’t do any good.  Putting ideas in your own words or diagrams makes the terms and ideas more memorable.
  • Go talk to your teacher.  Student Quote:  “If you aren’t sure you’re prepared for the test or aren’t happy with your grade, go see your teacher in the morning, during activity period, or after school.  You can also email them.  Your teacher wants you to be successful and can help make sure you’re doing the work or studying in the most effective way.”

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