A Busy Week 6 at LTHS

It was the last week of the grading period, and true to form, it was a busy sprint to the finish. Hard to believe we are already 1/6 of the way through Freshmen year.

Normally, I do desk work on Sunday afternoons. Something I routinely see out my window are community members driving through our front loop and slowing down to take in the building. We hosted a conference last Sunday and visiting principals told me what we already know, “LTHS students are lucky to work in a facility like this.” It’s the same price (or even under) as any other 5A-6A high school building in Texas, but LTHS has an uncommon sense of style and attention to detail.

LTHS was on national television during the Cowboys game on Sunday night.


Meet the Teacher night had a great turnout!

Our teachers powered through a long week with late nights to give their best to students.






There were also many school events taking place this week that made us equally proud to be Trail Blazers.




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