Student Mindsets for Success

Each month, our counselor Jackie Smith helps bring in a speaker to visit with parents on relevant topics.  This month, our speaker was Beth Hemby who spoke on how to help students manage stress.

When we visit with students, some mention feeling overwhelmed by high school.  It’s not necessarily just the work, but it’s figuring out how to manage a busier pace and more things to do.  The best help parents can give students is to help coach them on how to manage their time, use a calendar, see the big picture, and focus on priorities.  These needs are normal for freshmen year and students are capable of achieving their goals if they focus on a few simple changes to routine and organization.

A few additional questions for parents to consider at home with their students:

  1. Does my student take the initiative to contact a teacher when they feel confused or need help with their grades?
  2. Does my student use a calendar (paper or electronic) to help manage their assignments, due dates, and schedule?
  3. Has my student take advantage of tutorials prior to a test to make sure they are studying the right concepts in the right way?

Here is the full presentation from Ms. Hemby:  chs-stepping-stones-to-success-2


Forward to November

This year is flying by.

LTHS hosted a student leadership conference for student councils across the area. We look forward to seeing the great ideas that come out of that experience.



Volleyball ended a strong inaugural season on Tuesday. The sky is the limit for this team.

The football season ended with a dominating performance over McKinney North, which also meant the end of marching season for our fine arts students.


Very proud of the level of learning and achievement taking place at LTHS this time of year.





Community service continues through our student organizations…



Freshmen Cross Country runners Kristen Fish and Sophie Knautz competed in the Region meet, with both finishing in the top 25% of runners (Freshmen through Seniors) for 4A. Sophie will continue on to the state competition in Round Rock.


Lastly, a great pic of our freshmen marching band. In four years, these students from the Class of 2020 will look back on that picture and won’t believe how much they changed and grew.

Autumn at LTHS




Mid-October Review

It was another great week to be a Trail Blazer. When we step back and look at the performance of our students since the start of the year, we see amazing progress and growth week by week.  Our students are setting themselves up to be true leaders on our campus.







Orchestra Stampedes into Region

LTHS competed in one of the most competitive regions in Texas and 10 students earned spots.  Congrats to these students and Director Paul Vanderpool for the accomplishment!

  • Jeremy Tham – Philharmonic Violin
  • Joshua Paik – Philharmonic Violin
  • Julia Olores – Philharmonic Viola
  • Marian Ma – Symphony Harp (first chair!!! the best in our Region!)
  • Isabel Tu – Philharmonic Harp
  • Emily Pietersz – String Harp
  • Alexis Griffin – String Harp Alternate
  • Anika Doppalapudi – String Violin
  • Sraavya Chintalapati – String Viola
  • Eric Dai – String Viola

Frisco ISD Flu Clinics

Frisco ISD students, parents and staff are encouraged to get their flu shots during vaccination clinics held this fall across the District.

Each campus and support facility will host a clinic sometime between Monday, September 19 and Tuesday, November 15. Times vary by location.

Click here to see the full schedule by campus.

No advance registration is required for students and parents, but a parent or guardian must accompany each student.

Many common forms of insurance are accepted and shots are only $10 for children without insurance. See this flier for details.  

Participants must bring a photocopy of their insurance card and primary insured’s driver’s license. Cash or check only please.

See your school nurse for more information. 

Frisco Food Drive

FISD’s Annual Food Drive is in full swing, but we are still needing your help!  Frisco Family Services is an organization that feeds our very own Frisco families.  Please bring donation items through Oct 14th.  Drop them off in the large orange boxes outside the front office and in the cafeteria.  If you are attending the play, Rumors, there will be drop boxes outside the Theatre doors on Oct 14th and 15th

FFS Food Pantry Most Needed Items

Non-perishable foods

  • Boxed Meal Helpers (hamburger helper)
  • Canned Tomatoes
  • Dry Beans
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Condiments (ketchup, mayonnaise, jam, jelly, dressing, etc…)
  • Canned Fruit and fruit cups


Personal Care Items

  • Soap
  • Conditioner
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste

Other Most Needed Items
Laundry Detergent (smaller containers; 64 load size or smaller)
Household Cleaners
Dish washing Liquid (smaller containers)
Disinfectant spray
Household disinfectant wipes
Toilet bowl cleaner 

– See more at: