A Four Year Focus for Freshmen Year

IMG_3061We are finishing up meetings this week to discuss three big ideas.  This post is an insight into those conversations with images of slides shown to students.

Purpose:  This is one of our core values for LTHS.  What kind of life do you want 10 years from now?  What career will get you there and will help you feel fulfilled?  Which colleges offer strong programs to help you find that career?  What are the admissions criteria of those schools?


Four Year Focus:  GPA and Class Rank are important, yet colleges (and the “real world) need more from you.  What will you strive to do over the course of four years of high school at LTHS?  Envision the kind of person you want to be four years from now and use your time and activities at LTHS to develop personal attributes (well-roundedness) that make you successful beyond high school.

We also discussed how GPA is calculated, how high schools factor in class rank, and the class rank/SAT scores that two sample colleges use as initial screening criteria.  The “four year academic focus” is makes up the holistic review the college admissions office uses.


Goals:  What are your goals for this year in high school?  What are you willing to do/sacrifice in order to meet your academic and personal goals?  Write those goals down and tell them to someone else to help them become your reality.

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