What to expect at STAMPEDE: Freshmen Camp on August 17th

We are excited to welcome the Class of 2020 to LTHS on Wednesday!

At 8:15AM, the doors will open for students at the main entrance.  Staff will welcome our Trail Blazers and collect proof of residence forms from students that haven’t submitted them to LTHS yet.  Students will proceed to the competition gym to await the start of our program.

At 8:45, we will officially welcome them to LTHS and separate students into four groups.  Groups will go through four rotations to learn about expectations at LTHS, have lunch, and end the day with a pep rally.  Students should finish and be ready for pickup at 1:15.

Parent Orientation:  Parents are invited to join us at 6:30 PM in the LTHS Auditorium to hear basic information about LTHS.  There are no events for parents scheduled during the actual student orientation time from 8:15-1:15.  Parents may simply drop off their student and leave them in our good care until 1:15.

Merchandise:  Several booster groups will sell LTHS merchandise at the parent orientation.

Drop-Off and Parking:  Parents may drop off students in the front loop.  Parents are asked to pull all the way to the front entrance and drop off at the crossing lane.  Parents picking up at the end of the day may park in the front lot and wait for their students to exit.

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