Traffic Patterns at LTHS

The map in the link below details circulation around LTHS for parents.

Lebanon Trail HS Bus Operations

During normal school hours (8AM-4:45PM), parents are required to follow the front loop for drop-off and pick-up only.  Parents may pull up to the curb closest to the school when picking up at the end of the day, but traffic in the main lanes of our front loop must keep moving.  Since we have no student drivers this year, parents are encouraged to park in our main lot and wait for their students.

Parents dropping off or picking up athletes and fine arts students before or after normal school hours may use the back loop.

We will continue to monitor and adjust our traffic to meet the needs of our students and community.  Going into my 9th year as a Principal, I am fairly certain there is no such thing as a perfect traffic pattern at a high school.  Please be patient, move slowly around our school, and be vigilant for teenagers that may not see you.

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