A Four Year Focus for Freshmen Year

IMG_3061We are finishing up meetings this week to discuss three big ideas.  This post is an insight into those conversations with images of slides shown to students.

Purpose:  This is one of our core values for LTHS.  What kind of life do you want 10 years from now?  What career will get you there and will help you feel fulfilled?  Which colleges offer strong programs to help you find that career?  What are the admissions criteria of those schools?


Four Year Focus:  GPA and Class Rank are important, yet colleges (and the “real world) need more from you.  What will you strive to do over the course of four years of high school at LTHS?  Envision the kind of person you want to be four years from now and use your time and activities at LTHS to develop personal attributes (well-roundedness) that make you successful beyond high school.

We also discussed how GPA is calculated, how high schools factor in class rank, and the class rank/SAT scores that two sample colleges use as initial screening criteria.  The “four year academic focus” is makes up the holistic review the college admissions office uses.


Goals:  What are your goals for this year in high school?  What are you willing to do/sacrifice in order to meet your academic and personal goals?  Write those goals down and tell them to someone else to help them become your reality.

Week One in the Books

It was a good week at LTHS.  Our students showed a lot of pride and “togetherness” over the course of the week. Our teachers did an amazing job of engaging students and setting a positive tone to the start of the year.  As with any new experience, there were a few unexpected hiccups, but nothing to dampen the excitement of starting high school in a beautiful, new facility.

A group of enthusiastic LTHS dads helped with our first AM parent drop-off. It was a great way to start the day.

Teachers dove into instruction while making time for students to get to know each other and each teacher’s expectations.




Orchestra, English, and LOTE classes are engaging the Class of 2020 with goal setting using the LTHS Graduate Profile.


Thursday saw our first Football game, featuring our incredible band, color guard, dance, and cheerleading students.





Friday capped off a great week by seeing our tenacious volleyball team take on Southlake, with A team winning and B team putting up a good fight in the loss.

…and Saturday saw our cross country team compete in their first meet, in which multi-sport student-athlete Kristen Fish took 15th.



Needless to say, it was a busy and productive first week. We look forward to a great week two and building on the habits of a positive school culture.

Welcome to LTHS and the 2016-17 School Year

Trail Blazer Parents and Students,

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year.  August 22nd, 2016 felt far away and is now at our doorstep.  The LTHS Class of 2020 is about to start high school at a stunning new facility in one of the best communities in America.

We appreciate the many parents already bringing their kids to LTHS for events and even those joining our quickly growing PTSA.  The involvement of parents in our community is a strong and valued part of our school identity.  Thank you for your support of LTHS.

I cannot say enough about the teachers serving our students.  These are talented people who care deeply about the success of our students.  On Friday when we ended our last meeting, I felt a sense of pressure amongst them.  It wasn’t a bad pressure, though.  It was the kind of pressure good people feel when they want to do a great job for their students and school.  For weeks, LTHS staff worked late nights, weekends, and early mornings preparing lessons and rooms for our students.  Many bleary-eyed “teacher kids” were at LTHS early and late, so mom or dad could get a little more work done.  Can’t wait for you to see the culture LTHS teachers will build with our students.

IMG_2976I’m extremely proud of our students.  The pride they show for our school is amazing.  Students in fine arts rallied together with stellar performances.  You can hear our student section chant at home volleyball games.  So many students are eager to get involved and bring pride to the Trail Blazers.

My favorite “dad” memories are teaching my kids to ride a bike.  For both my daughter and son, I spent hours in church parking lots running and holding on to the back of their seat.  Finally, as I was drenched in sweat and panting, they would take off on their own and scream, “I did it!  I did it all on my own!”

In a way, when these 9th graders fill our halls we start to let go of the bicycle seat.  The accomplishments, effort, and attitude of our students will define what it means to be a “Trail Blazer.”  On behalf of our faculty, welcome to Lebanon Trail High School.


Devin Padavil


It was a great week of teacher preparation and student activity at LTHS.

Our staff entered the building with the LTHS fight song!

We had our first pep rally…

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Q&A on The First Week of School at LTHS.

We’ve been preparing for a great start to the year for our students.  Here are answers to some general questions students might have for week one.

I am being dropped off by a parent.  Where do we go?

Traffic on the curb may temporarily stop to pick up.

The front loop of the school is for parent drop-off and pick up.  Just like at an airport, parents can pull up to the curb inside the fire line to quickly pick someone up.  The main lanes of the loop must keep moving.  See this previous post for more info on traffic.





Many available parking spots next to that convenient exit.

Where do my parents pick me up?

Parents can pick up in the front loop as well.  Since we have no student drivers yet, we have
plenty of spaces parent can park.  You can call them to find their location and walk out to their car.



I ride the bus.  Where do busses pick up and how do I find my bus?

You can find your bus route list here by entering your address.  Busses drop off and pick up in the back of the cafeteria and students go straight through the cafeteria to find their bus at the end of the day.  That’s a nice feature of the building because students can also wait there if it is raining.  We will make sure everyone knows their bus route and location before the day ends.

When I get to school, what do I do?

On the first day, students may find their locker, put away their materials, and even check out room locations.  However, students don’t enter their classroom until the 8:50 bell.  Until 8:50, students may read or study in the library (room allowing) or read, study, and/or relax in the main commons or cafeteria.

After the first day of school, students may go into the classroom wings of the building if they are working with a teacher.  Otherwise, they are expected to wait until 8:50 in the cafeteria, library, or main commons.

I forgot my schedule!  What do I do?

Students names and their first period room locations are posted outside the cafeteria.  When students get to their 1st period, they will receive a brand new schedule.  We encourage students to take a picture of their schedule so they have another copy.  Throughout the day, there will be plenty of people to help students, find locations, and fix issues.

What about lunch?  How does that work?

Students should get in line if they are buying food or promptly find a seat.  We have plenty of seating for everyone.  Students may also sit on our back patio as long as they pick up after themselves. There are three microwaves available for use in our cafeteria as well.  Typically, students feel like their “wasn’t enough time to eat” on the first day of school.  There actually is enough time, but the process is slowed down if students don’t have their ID number ready to buy lunch or if students burn a lot time deciding where they want to sit.  After the first day, everyone has plenty of time.

What if something weird happens with the building?

Lee Lewis Construction and Frisco ISD has plumbers, electricians, and other key personnel on site to fix issues at a moment’s notice.  We are well supported for any facility issue.

What do I do during activity period?

This is an incredible resource for our students.  The basic expectation is that you read or study during this time.  However, during certain days of the week, you can go work with in other classrooms for tutorials.  The details will be explained to you by your activity period teacher.

What if can’t keep all my teachers’ expectations straight?

Our teachers have done a great job of keeping things simple for you.  You can go to the teachers and staff page of the LTHS website to see their syllabus and connections to extra resources.

Anything else to expect?

On Wednesday and Thursday, Ms. Sommers and Dr. Padavil will pull students to the auditorium for brief class meetings during the activity period to talk about high school expectations and goals.  Students in an activity period in the B or D halls will attend on Wednesday.  Students in an activity period in the athletics or fine arts halls will attend on Thursday.

What if I have more questions?

Your administrators will be available during lunch and throughout the day to help you.  Just approach them with your questions or email them!

Traffic Patterns at LTHS

LTHS Principal Blog

The map in the link below details circulation around LTHS for parents.

Lebanon Trail HS Bus Operations

During normal school hours (8AM-4:45PM), parents are required to follow the front loop for drop-off and pick-up only.  Parents may pull up to the curb closest to the school when picking up at the end of the day, but traffic in the main lanes of our front loop must keep moving.  Since we have no student drivers this year, parents are encouraged to park in our main lot and wait for their students.

Parents dropping off or picking up athletes and fine arts students before or after normal school hours may use the back loop.

We will continue to monitor and adjust our traffic to meet the needs of our students and community.  Going into my 9th year as a Principal, I am fairly certain there is no such thing as a perfect traffic…

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Week of August 8th at LTHS

LTHS Volleyball brought home our first trophy!


Cheer collaborating with band to get ready for the district convocation!


LTHS hosted our first athletic event with a win…


…and teachers were working across the district to get ready for our students.