Academic Decathlon Meeting: August 16th @ 6:30

TexasAcademicDecathlon.jpgThe following is a message from sponsor Mr. Jarred Stewart.

Academic Decathlon is a national premiere competition program promoting the success of gifted students of all stripes. Frisco and the state of Texas have a strong record of success with AcDec, and with 2016 that record of success will include Lebanon Trail. I would like to invite parents and students interested in joining AcDec to a recruitment meeting on August 16th at 6:30pm in the Lebanon Trail Library. The meeting will provide more detailed information about the program, offer an opportunity for parents to ask questions, and students to receive applications for the program.

Academic Decathlon is a competition composed of ten events: Math, Science, History, Literature, Art, Music, Economics, Speech, Interview, and Essay. The topics for each event supports the high school curriculum but reaches far beyond into college level material and skills. A successful decathlete improves their reading comprehension, math skills, and public speaking ability making them more successful with college entrance exams and their future ambitions. My former decathletes have gone on to top tier schools and often credit AcDec for their ability to thrive in highly competitive environments.

In addition to the academic preparation, AcDec can offer our most gifted students with a chance to be a part of a team and to build friendships across cultures and social groups. AcDec caters to the academic and social needs of the top 10%, hard working students with a few B’s, and gifted creative kids who occasionally struggle in traditional education settings.

The life of the decathlete is filled with studying, competing against one another, traveling to invitational competitions, and eventually finding themselves standing on the stage at a state competition wearing a large medal. In my years as an AcDec coach, there is no better moment than when a student hears their name at a competition and is rewarded for their academic talent and months of hard work.

More details and information will be available at our August recruitment gathering. I look forward to meeting Lebanon Trail’s most accomplished students and their parents. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to email me at .

August 16th


Lebanon Trail Library

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