The LTHS Activity Period

study-time4For the 2016-17 school year, LTHS will use an activity period during the school day to allow students opportunities to study and get extra help during the school day.

Here are the details behind the LTHS Activity Period, as well as the bell schedule.

We built a bell schedule that accomplishes 90 minute periods for every class.  A clear advantage of opening with freshmen only is the ability to only need one lunch period.  Our cafeteria and serving lines will have ample room.

Following lunch, students will be assigned to a study hall class and expected to read, catch up on homework, or get extra help from a teacher.  While students are assigned to a specific classroom, we allow students to see other teachers as long as they follow our protocol.

Using an activity period during the school day opens up positive possibilities.  Students can attend tutorial help without sacrificing time before and after school (although we will still have those times available).  Our school can also conduct class meetings, conduct club meetings, hold pep rallies, and invite guest speakers during that time without cutting instructional time from classes.

In August, we will provide more information to students about our expectations for this time and how to make the most of our activity period.  Please contact if you have any questions.

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