Band Update from Mr. Holzer

Below is a message from Band Director Christian Holzer.  Please email him at if you have any questions.

Greetings Everyone!  During the school year I will send a weekly reminder of events (This Week In Band-TWIB).  Thank you to Mr. Schaul for getting the CHARMS system up and running.

Wind auditions begin next week during students’ band classes.  Don’t stress, just do your best.

One of my TOP priorities this year is to have EVERY family involved.  “Many hands make for light work”.  Please look over the various committees below and let me know which group you would like to join.  We need YOUR HELP to reach our full potential!!  

We have 41 families who have signed up.  Only 55 more to go!!  Concessions are the greatest need.

Volunteers / Chaperones – Karen Sinnathamby & Rhonda Mendez – Manpower and folks to keep an eye on everything

Concessions – Katina Meazell & Rene Burdick – Thursday Night concessions at LTHS Stadium for 1 freshman game.  Much easier than you think!

Logistics (field crew, trailer, equipment) – Rob Mays & Alan Probst – moving, loading and building things, some lifting involved

Food/Social – Manli Zhu & Melissa Wardell – helping plan fun events, and ordering/picking up food

Uniforms – Mercedes Probst & Katherine Burch – fittings, cleaning, organizing, making us look nice

In addition, if you are interested in an officer position, please click this link to take a short survey:  My goal is to know each potential candidate better.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have on the various positions.


Ignition Night, Thursday, June 2 @ Fowler MS (6:00-8:00 pm)

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