LTHS Graduate Profile

Future LTHS parents, students, and staff contributed to the creation of the Lebanon Trail High School Graduate Profile.  A graduate profile answers the essential question:  “What do we want a four year graduate of LTHS to possess in terms of behaviors, skills, and dispositions?”

Here is the polished product along with our campus mission and vision:  LTHS Graduate Profile.

We won’t call it “final,” because our staff will revisit this document and refine as needed. We believe the Graduate Profile provides a plan to support and build on the district mission to “know every student by name and need.”

The Process

Future Parents Invited.  This process started with a group of 40+ parents, students, and community members responding to an open invitation to our feeder middle schools.  Here are the slides that guided our conversation.

Organizing.  These groups did an outstanding job identifying their highest aspirations for our future students.  Campus leaders then came to work on a Saturday morning to organize community input and collapse ideas into common themes.  You can see the process of honoring and organizing ideas here:   Grad Profile Documentation.

Organizing Themes

LTHS Department Leader Work:  The Trail Blazer Instructional Coaches reviewed the graduate profile and discussed their own hopes for learning at LTHS.  From here, we developed a mission statement reflecting the values and aspirations for our school from our students, parents, and school leaders.  A mission answers the question:  Why do we exist?

Staff Work:  The inaugural staff of Lebanon Trail met and provided input on April 25th to contribute to the vision of LTHS.  In groups, they shared their purpose towards serving high school students and drafted vision statements reflecting our collective attitude.  A vision statement answers the question:  What kind of school should we become?

Over the course of four months, we produced a document reflecting many of the values, hopes, and aspirations of our great community.  Our next step is to build experiences to help develop these attributes in each student.  We intend to use the LTHS Graduate Profile as a blueprint for a world class high school.

*A special thanks to school leaders in Guthrie CISD, Lewisville ISD, and Highland Park ISD for sharing their advice and tools from similar experiences.

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