Guest Post on Student Council

The following is a guest post about our student council workshop written by Marian Ma (FMS), Kristina Fan (FMS), Aakruti Desai (FMS), Allison Cooper (CMS), and Amogh Channashetti (FMS).

On Friday, March 4th 2016, the Lebanon Trail Student Council hosted its first official meeting for the school year of 2016-17. The Lebanon Trail Student Council, formed from Fowler, Clark, and Hunt Middle School, met in the Frisco Administration Building to discuss upcoming events, make decisions, and ask questions. After a few team building activities, the council got down to work.

Mr. Padavil answered several questions about the progress of the school and how Lebanon Trail is going to become a school for opportunities along side a great environment. Following a brief question and answer session about the purpose and structure of student council, the students split into their respective committees to decide on values, designs, and events for Lebanon Trail. The LTHS Student council has five committees: Human Resources
, Community Service, Fundraising/Merchandise, Communications, and Marketing and Events.IMG_2545 

Committees presented their ideas to the whole council for input, respectfully voting and discussing agreements and disagreements. The council did get to create and vote on ideas for the school motto, values, and shield. Motions were both passed and failed, and the council talked through each decision thoroughly.

Finalizing our School Values:  Leadership / Achievement / Character / Purpose

After the discussion items and committees workshop, the council took a trip to the Lebanon Trail campus. Since some parts of the school have not been fully constructed, the council only visited the fieldhouse and walked around the outdoor sports area. Several students took this opportunity to admire the newly laid turf of the sport fields and the school colors represented in the fieldhouse. The school even comes with an outdoor field as well as an indoor field for practicing!

Once the field trip was over, the council dispersed back to their middle schools with more knowledge about their future high school. The future Trailblazers of the LTHS Student Council anticipate creating new ideas and discussing issues for the upcoming 2016-17 school year.


FAQs – Your common questions, answered.

Q: Will the whole school be open to students?

A: No, everything on the southwest side of the library will be shut down until following years.

Q: What does the library look like?

A: Near the entrance will have lots of tables, chairs and couches. Bookshelves will line the walls.

Q: Is dress code different at high school?

A: We will meet Frisco ISD dress code expectations with appropriate length.


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