Portrait of the Artist: LTHS Logo and Mascot Design

IMG_2365Lauren Robinson, a Senior at Frisco High School, created our Trail Blazer mascot.  Lauren has taken advanced art classes at FHS as well as Graphic Design and Illustration at the Frisco ISD Career and Technical Education Center.  Here is a brief interview with this talented artist talking about the mascot design process.

First, what are you going to be doing next year?

I’m going to UT-Austin and I got into the design program.  I want to pursue graphic design when I get out of college.

You’re an amazing artist.  How did you get into art?

I’ve always drawn and liked to draw.  This year, I studied 3-D art.  Even though I liked art, I knew it was hard to pursue that and actually…have a job.  That’s why I am pursuing graphic design.  There are a lot of job opportunities in that field.



Talk about the logo.  How did you settle on a 3-D design?

Whenever you showed me the original concept (designed by University of Houston and former Hendrickson student Hiep Ly), I just started drawing different concepts.  I looked at how other schools in our area did their logos and tried to pick out the styles I liked best.  Using the shading really helped it stand out.


What about the mascot?  What was that process like?

LT horse looking right & mane changed

We talked about what the concept could look like and then I sat down and started sketching it out.  I had some ideas in my head, but I just needed to see what it looked like.  I researched different mascot styles, but I had to figure out how to make it work because the shading is tricky.  I drew it first and you (Mr. Padavil) liked what I drew, which surprised me because I anticipated sending multiple drafts.  Then I scanned it into photoshop and converted the drawing into shapes that I could color.  The mascot is really just a variety of shapes with different shades of the two colors.  I liked learning this new style of artwork.  It’s very different from what I normally do and it really challenged me, but I like it and have enjoyed the positive reaction from people.

LTHS Band Director

A high school band director needs vision, the ability to grow students as musicians, and a strong strategy for developing a marching band program.  I am excited to announce Christian Holzer as the first band director of Lebanon Trail High School.  Mr. Holzer has thirteen years of experience, with 10 of those in Frisco.  He marched with the University of North Texas band as a student and returned to teach visual design for the UNT marching band.  He had the experience of growing a band program from 35 students to nearly 400 students a few years later.  He currently lives in Frisco with his wife and two children.  He is excited to build a world class band program for Lebanon Trail and develop a culture truly reflecting the spirit of a “band family.”

Please view this video for more details:

Campus Athletic Coordinator and Head Football Coach

After reviewing dozens of candidates, we found a person described as: student centered, an academics first kind of guy, the kind of person they would want coaching their kids, focused on what’s best for students, motivational, and inspiring.

image1The first head coach of Lebanon Trail High School is Mr. Sadd Jackson, from Manor High School. Coach Jackson was the Salutatorian for Manor as well.

Coach Jackson and I crossed paths five years ago, when I was the Principal of Hendrickson and he was the head coach at Manor High School. After arriving in Manor, he turned around a losing team to become 5A State Semi-Finalists. On the last game of the season, Coach Jackson’s Mustangs beat our district champ Hawks on a last second touchdown that still gives me heartburn:


Q & A with Coach Jackson

What made you want to join Frisco ISD?

This is one of the best opportunities just about anywhere in the State of Texas. The academics available in the school district, the resources amongst all the schools, you see it’s an up and coming community.   I have an opportunity to help put a stamp on history in a school system, it’s a pretty special thing.

What’s important to you as a campus coordinator? What are your most important values?

I want to help kids get a quality education towards their future. As educators, we are here to prepare kids for the world that waiting for them beyond their high school days. That’s our job to help supplement what parents are doing at home through school.

As you leave Central Texas, what are the memories you are most proud of from Manor High School?

Inheriting a team that won four football games in 3 years and watching the program grow. Seeing the girls program improve over the years were highlights for me. Of course, taking our football program to the State Semi-Finals was pretty special. Personally, seeing our students graduate is most important. Seeing kids finish the course is special for me.

How will Lebanon Trail Athletics be different than any other high school?

Everything we do is going to be part of our own tradition, including the chants, sayings, and camaraderie.   That first wave of kids is going to be special because they will start the tradition. It is a great situation to be part of, because they are making history. Those students are always going to be able to say, “I helped create that.” We are going to do something different that makes our school be unique for the right reasons. I look forward to collaborating with the administration and faculty to help that happen.

What do you think parents and students can expect from your coaching staff?

Our coaching staff is going to know more about students than what they do on the playing field. The coaches I look for are the kind of people that go the extra mile and get to know our students personally. Our students will have great relationships with their coaches. We are dealing with the lives of students and we need to do more than just worry about what they do on the field. We need to help students achieve their goals in life.

Parents can expect us to be honest and forthright. Their kids will get the best of us. It is imperative that parents have trust in us so they know we will help their kids do their best.

Anything else?

I’m elated and excited about this opportunity. This is a great opportunity to be a part of something special. I’m so thankful and grateful.

Inaugural LTHS Student Council


The link above is the application for student council.  Student council will be convened this Spring to help make some important decisions for the start of Lebanon Trail High School in the Fall.  Student Council is just one organization/club students can join.  See the previous post if you want to think about other ways to be part of LTHS.

If you are interested in STUCO, please read the packet carefully.  Here are the basics:

  • You may print this packet or pick up a copy in your middle school’s front office.
  • Copies will be delivered to LTHS feeder middle schools the afternoon of Wednesday, February 3rd.
  • The packet must be complete in order to be considered.
  • Completed packets may be placed in a box set aside in your middle school’s front office or you may scan the application and email it to padavild@friscoisd.org.
  • Packets must be submitted by the end of the school day on Friday, February 12th.
  • Students that make Student Council are asked to attend an initial meeting on Friday, March 4th.  If you can’t make it because of family plans or school needs, that’s ok.  There will be other opportunities.

Please email padavild@friscoisd.org if you have any further questions.

Q & A over Courses & Clubs

Will LTHS offer every course the other high schools offer?

  • Every course available to freshmen at the other high schools will be offered at Lebanon Trail High School.  Just like the other high schools, there is the exception of career and technical education (CTE) courses offered at the neighboring district CTE center.  Luckily, they are just a short walk away.

What about Advanced Placement (AP) courses?

  • AP and Pre-AP courses available to freshmen will definitely be offered at Lebanon Trail High School.

What about clubs?  Do I need to request to start a club?

  • Every athletic and fine arts activity available in Frisco ISD will be offered at LTHS, but those are not considered clubs.
  • Clubs/Organizations definitely offered at LTHS include:
    • Student Council
    • Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
    • Business Professionals of America (BPA)
    • Academic Decathlon
    • UIL Academic Events
    • Student Ambassadors
    • Best Buddies
    • Engineering Club
    • Rotary Interact
    • Green Team (school spirit)
    • Forensics (Speech and Debate)
    • World Cultures Club
    • DECA (Business/Marketing/Finance)
    • …and more
  • If your club isn’t listed, you can request it by emailing padavild@friscoisd.org with your idea and a list of 10 students that want to join your club.