Rising 9th Grader Night at FISD High Schools

On the 25th, all Frisco ISD high schools will host a night for parents and students to learn about high school courses and things to expect from high school.  Future Lebanon Trail students and parents are welcome to attend the presentation at any high school.  The information is very general and aimed at first time high school students and parents.

Because we are only 9th grade, you might have questions about certain courses and programs.  As an example, I received the following question recently:

I’d like to be on yearbook, but it says you have to sign up for photojournalism or journalism.  Will there still be a yearbook staff?

  • Answer:  We will have a yearbook, but please sign up for the pre-requisite.  The future teacher will work with students in the pre-requisite courses to recruit a yearbook staff.  You will get yearbook experience while you are taking the pre-requisite.  In 10th grade, you can officially sign up for yearbook.

You are welcome to email me at padavild@friscoisd.org if you have questions.  Otherwise, I invite you to sign up for the courses you want.  The counselor and I will work with you to make sure we do our best to address student requests.

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