Campus Visit Follow-Up

The visits to the feeder middle schools for Lebanon Trail High School went very well.  Thank you for the warm welcome, energized students, and involved parents.  Below, are some answers to common questions.

Do schools take care of food or can you decide to make lunch better?  Can we go off campus for lunch?

  • The school district is responsible for food choices.  However, I can tell you the cafeteria food today in Frisco is exponentially better than when I was in school.  No, you can’t walk off campus for lunch.

Why won’t there be upperclassmen?

  • Our amazing school board is tasked with major decisions.  This includes who gets to attend LTHS and the school colors.   Attendance decisions are difficult in the fastest growing district in the nation.  The school will start with freshmen only and add a grade each year.  When the Class of 2020 are Seniors, they will lead four grade levels of nearly 2000 students.

Will we have orchestra at LTHS?  What about a harp program?

  • We will have both.  Our district has already ordered the harps.

I’m worried about missing a tryout.  How will I know about these?

  • Parents will be sent information as soon as it is known, and the middle school principals will be asked to communicate news to students as well.

What do I need to do to start a new club at LTHS?

  • Bring Mr. Padavil (or whomever the future AP is at LTHS) a sheet of paper that includes the following:  Club name, club purpose, list of at least 10 interested students, and faculty sponsor name.

SPORTS:  Will we have a soccer team the first year?  What about Swim?  Will we have volleyball teams like the other schools?  Will we play other Frisco schools?  How does the varsity thing work?

  • Frisco ISD doesn’t have “freshmen” soccer, but JV soccer.  There will be JV soccer the first year.
  • We will have every sport the other Frisco ISD schools have, including swimming.
  • There will be a Freshmen A and B team for volleyball.
  • We will play Frisco ISD schools, but we might also play schools in neighboring districts.
  • Individual sports have varsity starting 2016.  Team sports begin varsity in 2018.

Will Advanced Placement (AP) classes be bussed to other schools?

  • The only AP class freshmen take is AP Human Geography, which is offered at LTHS.  I recommend any student that made good 8th grade US History grades to take AP Human Geography.  Freshmen students in the district Gifted and Talented program can also take the AP Humanities course as well.  In the coming years, more AP classes will be added to the LTHS campus.

Can I take courses at the CTE center?

Yes, just like at any other school, you can take the courses available at the CTE center.  The nice thing for LTHS students is that when the weather is nice, you can walk.  It’s right in our backyard.

More questions?  Email

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